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The advantage of world’s machine tool industry’s development                    -2017

I Encourage innovation in knowledge and technologies

The effect of technology on improving industry development is self-evident. Numeral control machine tool is the base, other manufacturing realizes, because of product quality level relationship. Chinese numeral control machine tool technology level is in low level, though there are high power area in the world numeral control machine tool, it also promotes that the overall weakness of Chinese numeral control machine tool industry can not rank in top of world numeral control machine tool.

USA especially emphasis efficiency and innovation, and emphasis base research of silk thread cutting. China Mold Website said about technology innovation that American First Union Automobile company whose bearing production demand. The full development of a lot of automatic production lines whose electric and computer technology rank top of the world. Host computer, numeral control machine tool and digital control system based on firm and consistent research and innovation emphasis, are in the lead of the world’s high-performance numeral control technology. Germany emphasizes on science experiment, combining theory and practice, basis research and science research department about processing craft of consumer application technology research. Enterprise has close cooperation with university products. They had deep research on frequent problems and characteristics of numeral control machine tool, as well as layout structure of machine tool.

II National policy support

National policy support is the premise of rapid development of any industry. The same characteristics of numeral control machine tool industry in European and American countries, which promote it, is machine tool instrument industry continuously support the national policy. In USA, since the first numeral control machine tool of the world was created, USA government paid much attention to the industry. Energy Department keep putting forward the direction of machine research, and providing plenty fund to support the development of numeral control machine tool industry. According to China Mold Website, in Asia, Japan government whose concern of numeral control machine tool industry turned deformed, leading the industry development by laws such as Machine vibration law, Machine electricity law, Legal letter of machine etc. At the same time, Germany government always pays attention to the important strategic status of European machine tool industry, and great support in many aspects.

III Emphasis of talent training

The significance of talents is self-evident. Even in present, science and technology, automatic application range is wider and wider though; rapid development has to relying on talents finally. Training talents of numeral control machine tool industry may be great investment for a enterprise but it will pay off.