1、High Precision Reducer


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  1. The performance goes beyond the Japanese planetary reducer, Prices are competitive, small volume, light weight, high bearing capacity, long service life, smooth operation, low noise, high torque, high speed ratio, high efficiency and safe performance. Characteristics of both power diverting and multi tooth meshing

  2. Mechanical driving reducer =Intelligent Robot Arm Used Reducer. The performance goes beyond the Japanese planetary reducer, Prices are competitive.

  3. Reducer: By introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology and scientific research, 10 engineers have gradually mastered the design and manufacturing technology of various high-speed and low-speed heavy-duty gears. Our company reducer has a compact structure, small return clearance, high precision, long service life and high rated output torque. Prices are competitive.


2、Pinion and Rack Transmission


I. characteristics of large transmission power and effective gear transmission
II. long life, stable work and high reliability
III. rack and pinion, with large bearing capacity and high transmission accuracy, can be continuously extended with infinite length, and the transmission speed can be very high, >2m/s.
IV. Transmission device: the linear transmission device is replaced by the gear transmission device with the characteristics of compact structure, high efficiency and long service life. The gear drive is stable, the transmission ratio is accurate, the work is reliable, the structure is compact, the efficiency is high, the service life is long, the power that USES, the speed and the size range is large.


3、High Precision Spindle


I. 34 Years Manufacture= Stable Machine Quality and Reliable control

II. Electric spindle, high frequency frequency conversion device, oil mist lubricator, cooling device, built-in encoder and tool changer.

4、Double Pendulum Milling Head with Worm Gear Transmission




I. 5 axis linkage
II. +-100 degree
III. the torsion of the torque motor support frame and the swing of the connecting plate
IV. Precision Head= Fully Designed Patent Head Equal to World First  Class Level.
V. We have mastered the research and development, design and production of the core components, which greatly reduce the cost and cycle of production