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Shan Yi CNC Customer Services are managed by an accurately trained team of staff to respond in real time to requests from all over the world.

Professionalism, know-how and communication skills are essential requirements for all the people involved in the technical assistance and after-sales service.

On the Shan Yi CNC Help-Line, more than 20 operators (English Speaking) are professional technicians, specialized in recognizing, analyzing and diagnosing a technical and/or application problem at a distance thanks to their special training. For this reason, when you call with a problem, you will already have started to resolve it.

85% of problems are also resolved by the support group thanks to the following

24Hours Help-Hot-Line

The Shan Yi CNC Help-Hot-Line is active from Monday to Saturday (24 Hours), to respond to any doubts or problems regarding the working conditions of our machines. The service is organized in order to supply each client with a precise reference at all times, with an ample and constant availability for speedily resolving each problem and keeping any machine downtime to a minimum.

Online service assistance

Shan Yi CNC Online Service is a internet assistance, used to resolve software related or configuration issues, which enables distance interaction with the machine, wherever it is, dramatically improving the troubleshooting and diagnostic activity.
Using an in-depth diagnostic tool, our technicians can reach a rapid solution to the problem. Up to now, around 75% of malfunctioning cases have been resolved remotely using this technology.

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International on-site technical support

For more complex technical problems, more than 9 centers engineers ready to intervene on-site, our proximity to the client is guaranteed by a worldwide network of engineers and specialized technicians, to analyze each situation and define the most appropriate solution.

Which right now have supported by below 9 centers:

Shan Yi Moscow Center:

Shan Yi EU

Shan Yi India Center:

Shan Yi Bangkok Center:

Shan Yi Vietnam Center:

Shan Yi Brazil Center:

Shan Yi Iran

Shan Yi China Head Center:

Shan Yi South Africa Center: